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DEOWA is a systematic training system specifically designed to provide a holistic support in terms of business development of the doTERRA MianFoo's Team members, as well as to provide a comprehensive learning content to educate the public on the applications of essential oils.

​DEOWA Academy is founded by a group of passionate and successful leaders in the essential oils industry. The DEOWA Academy & Training System is lead by Mr Lim Mian Foo ( one of the doTERRA Malaysia Founder) with a group of experienced leaders and trainers from essential oils industry and coaches in business development, personal development & team building. 

DEOWA 是一个经过专门设计,以用于提供全面支援于马来西亚多特瑞MianFoo旗下团队成员事业发展的培训系统。同时也提供广泛有关精油的知识,以让众人都能够学习如何使用多特瑞精油。

DEOWA Academy精油商学院是由一群在精油领域里,对精油充满这热诚,并且非常成功的领袖所创立的。DEOWA Academy 精油商学院和培训系统,是由马来西元多特瑞创始人之一Lim Mian Foo先生,与一群经验丰富的领袖和导师所领导。他们都是来自各个领域的精英并附着丰富的经验,如:精油、事业培训、个人培训、团队培训与其他方面的发展。

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